5 Tips to Create a Stunning Party Table

Creating the perfect party table for your celebration can be difficult – but it doesn’t need to be! Once you have your theme and your products it’s time to start dressing your table.

1. The Cake

Probably THE most important thing at the party! Once you have covered your designated table with a tablecloth, decide where to put the cake and what to place it on. Cake stands are a great option as it allows you to explore different height options. Choose lower stands or a cake board for taller cakes, and higher stands for shorter cakes. Either way make it the focal point of your table. Cake toppers are also a great way to add height and glamour to your cake.

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  • First Birthday 'ONE' Pennant Cake Topper-Multicolour
    First Birthday ‘ONE’ Pennant Cake Topper-Multicolour
  • Oh Baby Glitter Cake Topper
    Oh Baby Glitter Cake Topper
  • Happy Birthday Glitter Cake Topper
    Happy Birthday Glitter Cake Topper

2. Tableware

Organise the tableware on the table depending on what else you are going to put there. Are you going to have it all in a neat pile to one side of the cake? Or are you going to create individual settings for each guest? Personally I think individual settings work great from a visual perspective, especially if you have unique shaped plates. If you have two different sized plates layer them up with the largest on the bottom. Add a matching serviette in between or on top, throw in some matching cutlery – you could even add a small treat on top! A straw in each cup alongside the plates will complete the setting, leaving you to work on the rest of the table.

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    Baby Shower Paper Plates – Sunshine
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    Little Star-Girl Dinner Plates
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    Rose Gold Dots Dessert Plate – Pack of 10

3. Backdrop

If your cake table is set up against a wall then having some sort of decoration on that wall will not only add more glam to your party it will also create the perfect backdrop for those all important photos! A banner is the perfect way to relay your celebration message and ties up your theme nicely! Consider the height that you place your banner at – too high and it won’t be captured in the photos; too low and it will be covered if you stand in front of it. Other options here are paper fans, streamers or a beautiful balloon garland.

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  • Baby Shower Banner - Sunshine
    Baby Shower Banner – Sunshine
  • Tassel Garland with Twine
    Tassel Garland with Twine
  • ONE' First Birthday Banner-Blue
    ONE’ First Birthday Banner-Blue

4. Accessorise

To add a point of difference to your table, consider some unique items of decor. Handmade themed letters can take your party decor to another level of chic. Stand these up on your party table representing a name or expression to really personalise your celebration. Another option here is a standing sign or a centrepiece. This can be matching to your theme to really create the look or feel that you want for your party. If you include finger food on your cake table, food markers are a great way to let your guests know what each food item is or to inform them of allergens.

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  • Blue and Gold Handmade Wooden "BABY" Decor
    Blue and Gold Handmade Wooden “BABY” Decor
  • Her Little Hands Standing Sign
    Her Little Hands Standing Sign
  • To the Moon and Back Honeycomb Centrepiece
    To the Moon and Back Honeycomb Centrepiece

5. A Tutu Table Skirt

And now for the ‘piece de resistance’ as they say. Dressing your table with a tutu skirt can seriously add some glam! Adding a tutu skirt dresses the front of the table really well and also covers up any bits under the table you don’t want your guests to see! Be sure to choose a colour that matches your theme- pink for a ballerina, blue for frozen or yellow for a sunshine party. The options are endless! This final all important accessory will bring the look of your whole cake table together.

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So there you have it….my 5 steps to creating a stunning party table. That’s it from me for now, I hope you feel inspired to glamorise your next party table using the steps above- if not check out our shop online for the full range of boutique party supplies.

Still overwhelmed? Don’t worry! I made it easy – shop our gorgeous tutu table packs here and take the stress out of decorating your cake table.

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Thank you so much Komal. We had our event over the weekend. The (tutu) skirts were fantastic!