10 Step Party Planning

10 Step Party Planning

Party planning can be a complicated and drawn out process when you are not prepared for what is to come. These simple ten step party planning ideas will help you with the process and reduce any stress and instead amp up the fun of the party planning festivities.

  1. Gender

What is the gender of the person the party is being held for? Knowing this will provide you with the perfect foundation for party planning success.

  1. Theme

After determining gender, you can then settle on a theme, and this will provide you with a map of items you can purchase to keep within the proposed theme of the party.

  1. Invitations

The invitations can be chosen based on the theme of the party and should be sent out ahead of time so as to give those invited a sufficient amount of time to plan on attending.

  1. Colours

Colours can help set the mood and tone of the party. Choose colours that fit within the chosen theme and are gender specific. Perhaps use their favourite colours for a more personal touch.

  1. Venue

The venue is the place that you will be holding the party. Make sure to find one that is suitable for the event and can accommodate the amount of people that will be attending.

  1. Décor

Décor will be easy to choose when the theme has been chosen. The décor should be memorable but also easy to set up in the amount of time you have to dedicate to decorating the venue.

  1. Entertainment

When choosing entertainment for your party, consider the purpose of the event, how many people you are expecting, and your proposed budget.

  1. Food and Drink

Depending on the seating arrangements and type of party, you may want to choose foods that are easy to eat while on the move or kid-friendly.

  1. Games

Games are a fun way to keep everyone in attendance having fun and moving around. They help create a more memorable experience.

  1. Favours/Thank You Cards

These should be handed out at the end of the party as a way to thank everyone in attendance for their time and presence. If gifts were given, the thank you cards are a personal way of saying thank you.