Food Buzz: Black Forest Yummyness


Schwarzwderkirschtorte in German means Black Forest! Other translation, bloody delicious. Chocolate sponge, cherries, and whipped cream. A moist, flavorful cake that I absolutely love.

You might not think of this cake when choosing a birthday cake, but when assembled well and decorated right its a definite winner. I am biased but i’m sure when looking at the picture you’ll be convinced.

My lovely wife went to the effort of making a Black Forest cake from scratch for my recent birthday using a modified Jamie Oliver recipe, and it was “pukker”!! I think using quality ingredients and in-season cherries made it all that much better.


There is a lot going on with a good Black Forest, it is a very busy cake that almost speaks for itself. Although not subtle the cake topper used killed it! I think the contrasting colors made the perfect complement. A few candles and all the focus was on the cake.




If you’re not as crazy as me for Black Forest, the cake topper would look fab on any darker cakes like chocolate or caramel. But for me Black Forest Cake is one that will make you drool… making it an odd way to put out the candles!

-Guest Blogger SP

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