5 Amazing Birthday Cakes

5 Amazing Birthday Cakes

If you are looking for a few amazing birthday cake ideas for the next party, then you have come to the right place. The following are five amazing birthday cake ideas you can use for your next party that is sure to be delicious and wow all your guests.

1.         Ombre Cakes: an Ombre cake is a cake in which the colours used graduate from light to dark. It is a frosting technique that is fun to try and incredibly easy to do. You can also use different coloured layers of cake for the inside to give it more colour and effect.

2.         Funfetti Cake: Funfetti is a fun and festive way to decorate a birthday cake and garner lots of attention at your next party. It is an easy cake to make yourself, and you can incorporate as much colour as you want. Simply add sprinkles to the batter as well as the frosting for the perfect birthday cake.

3.         Building Block Cake: if you have a lover of all things Legos or blocks then this cake is a colourful and fun way to bring that love into the party. It is a super easy birthday cake design and will closely imitate your child’s favourite toy.

4.         Gumball Cake: if it is more of a non-traditional cake design you are going for then this is sure to please. Simply make the cake and form it into the shape of a small gumball machine. Place a small glass jar on the top to hold all the gumballs, and you’re done! This easy and fun cake is all edible except for the glass jar.

5.         Cupcake Cake Design: If you are looking for more variety, then you can make one giant cupcake out of cake and several smaller cupcakes to place around it. It is a fun and easy way to serve the cake.

With these five fun and amazing birthday cake ideas, you are sure to create lasting and delicious memories at your next birthday party event.

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